What We offer

We offer Year 11 and 12 students an exciting and engaging program, laying the foundations and training for their chosen career.

The learning undertaken in the Loyola Catholic Trade Training Centre is directly related to the world of work and industry. The demands and expectations placed on students are high – similar to those expected in any workplace, including each day starting at 8:25am and ending at 4:00pm.

We cater to all interested students across western Sydney, and offer:

  • more qualifications and more options
  • a flexible schooling experience
  • combined study with a trade
  • a Statement of Attainment towards a Certificate III qualification in the trade area of their choice, along with the HSC
  • either attain a Statement of Attainment or Certificate in either one or two VET courses
  • on-the-job experience and mentoring with industry professionals
  • competency-based assessments instead of sitting tests
  • significant industry placement experience
  • an opportunity to complete paid work (school-based apprenticeships/traineeships)
  • State and Commonwealth government assistance available for school-based apprentices and trainees (See Benefits)

The Loyola Trade Training Centre is a workplace of learning for young adults. The ‘feel’ of the centre is not like that of a regular school, but rather a workshop, salon or hospitality workplace.

Features include:

  • modern learning environment on site at Loyola Senior High School, surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens
  • industry-standard commercial teaching kitchen with laundry, cool room and storeroom
  • large function room that also serves as a classroom and café
  • four large trade workshop areas for automotive, engineering (metals fabrication), carpentry and shop-fitting
  • a fully functional hairdressing salon
  • a simulated childcare centre
  • a carwash bay
  • state-of-the-art electrotechnology workshop area
  • general classrooms
  • school library
  • a substantial covered outdoor learning area (COLA)




Students have a wider range of career options at the end of their HSC year, as they obtain both a Statement of Attainment towards trade qualifications and their HSC, as well as significant industry placement experience.

The Trade Training Centres in Schools program was part of the Commonwealth Government’s Education Revolution, designed to increase the number of students achieving Year 12 or an equivalent qualification and help address skill shortages in traditional trades and emerging industries.

In 2009, Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta successfully applied for $9 million of Federal funding, enabling the establishment of two Catholic Trade Training Centres (CTTC) for the Diocese - one at McCarthy College and the other here, at Loyola Senior High School.

The way in which Loyola Catholic Trade Training Centre (CTTC) is funded, means that it is made up of 6 Catholic schools:

  Loyola Senior High School
Mt Druitt

Emmaus Catholic College
Kemps Creek
  St Clare's Catholic High School
Hassall Grove
  St Agnes Catholic High School
Rooty Hill
  St Andrews College
  Terra Sancta College


Each are part-owners of the facility. Loyola Senior High School was chosen to host the centre, as it provides the most central location.

Loyola CTTC welcomes enrolment from students of any Catholic or non-Catholic school across western Sydney and beyond. We have students enrolled from the Hills District, Cronulla, the Blue Mountains, and as far away as Coffs Harbour.




Our patron, Ignatius Loyola, is a man who lived in the 16th century, and founded the Jesuit Order. The Jesuits have made education a primary platform in its mission throughout the world. Students of the Loyola Catholic Trade Training Centre are numbered among the 1,900,000 people who are the recipients of an Ignatian education worldwide.

The Ignatian Teaching Model

  • Context - What do we need to know about our students?
  • Experience - What is the best way to engage our students in learning?
  • Reflection - How do our students reflect more deeply on what they have learnt?
  • Action - How do we encourage students to move beyond knowledge to action?
  • Evaluation - How do we assess our student’s growth in mind, heart and spirit?

Any education that is true to the spirit of Saint Ignatius Loyola, is concerned with forming or shaping the whole person – mind, heart and hands. The Loyola CTTC, then, is committed to the full lifelong development of the students entrusted to us - the type of people our students will become beyond the classroom.

Learn more about St Ignatius of Loyola
Sr Irene McCormack


Loyola Senior High School is separated into 4 houses, each named after Jesuits - Arrupe, Faber, McCormack and Ward.

Our motto is ‘through deeds not words’ and Loyola Catholic Trade Training Centre has chosen as its house patron, Sr Irene McCormack RSJ, a person who best exemplified those values.

Sr Irene McCormack was a teacher in Western Australia before she had the calling to become a Sister of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart, and help the poor by working as a missionary for the impoverished in Peru. She came to understand that effective action is a way of loving. Tragically, she was murdered by terrorists in Peru for the ‘crime’ of feeding the poor.

We follow her dedication to pastoral care in the development and care of all students within the CTTC.

Learn more about Sr Irene McCormack


Loyola Catholic Trade Training Centre (CTTC) offers students a unique and exciting pathway to their future.

Loyola CTTC enables students to gain experience and skills in their chosen trade, while completing their Higher School Certificate (HSC). Equipped with specialist trade workshops, Loyola Trade Training Centre provides young people with the training and skills needed for a successful career and the best chance possible, of entry into an apprenticeship or traineeship. Transition from school to work is supported by providing our young people with real world skills, whilst mentoring and guiding them towards success.

Features of the program at Loyola

Students enrolled at Loyola CTTC are working towards:

  • completing Years 11 and 12 in a senior Catholic school
  • gaining the Higher School Certificate
  • achieving outcomes towards Certificate III qualifications in their chosen trade
  • completing the equivalent of a first year apprenticeship
  • studying multiple VET qualifications that enhance the student’s package of study
  • undertaking industry training, and have the opportunity to complete paid work with a workplace mentor (if enrolled in a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship)

Certificate III trades offered:

  • Automotive (Light Vehicle Servicing)
  • Brick and Block Laying
  • Carpentry
  • Early Childhood Education & Care (Childcare)
  • Electrotechnology (Electrician)
  • Engineering (Metal Fabrication)
  • Hairdressing
  • Hospitality (Commercial Cookery)
  • Plumbing
  • Shopfitting

During Years 11 and 12, school-based apprentices/trainees spend one day a week performing paid work for their employer. They also work extra days during timetabled industry placement blocks to add up to a minimum of 100 days, depending on the qualification sought.

While at school, students study a combination of academic subjects relevant to their chosen trade, and complete formal training at a Certificate III level in the multi-million dollar facilities, using industry-standard equipment.

Loyola CTTC accesses specialist trainers to deliver the trade courses to our students. Much time and research has been spent in selecting the best quality of trade trainers for our students. We use a combination of private Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and our own qualified teachers on-staff, to deliver exceptional training.

Delivering an excellent standard in trade training is a priority for Loyola CTTC.

Loyola CTTC offers a unique HSC package which has been designed to increase student qualifications, and combines relevant courses to support the trade pathway. Students use laptops and iPads, and often engage in online learning.

Each trade course contributes at least two units towards the HSC in order to satisfy the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) requirements.

Students study a variety of the following HSC courses, depending on their chosen trade:

  • English Studies
  • Catholic Studies
  • Industry Based Learning
  • Mathematics General 1
  • Business Studies



  • Business Services (and Specialisation)
  • Information & Digital Technology
  • Hospitality (Food & Beverage)
  • Financial Services

For students enrolled at the Loyola Catholic Trade Training Centre, each school week is set out as follows:

3 days a week HSC courses  
1 day a week Trade day Students learn the theory and practical aspects of their trade 
1 day a week Flexible day School-based apprentices/trainees use this day for paid work. Other students are able to utilise their flexi day for home or school-based study. For students who work shifts on weekends this becomes their day off.


School with a Difference

Our unique program has been designed to maximise each students’ learning and experiences while accelerating them towards their future career.

Unlike most schools and trade schools, Loyola CTTC offers a diverse range of courses at Certificate II, III or IV level while students also complete their Higher School Certificate (HSC).

The non-ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) programs of study assist students to achieve their HSC without the demands of HSC exams.

What are the Benefits?

Loyola CTTC students have the opportunity to:

  • complete Years 11 and 12 in a Catholic school
  • gain the Higher School Certificate
  • attain numerous VET Statements of Attainment or full qualifications
  • complete the equivalent of a first year apprenticeship
  • undertake industry training and the opportunity to complete paid work with a workplace mentor, if enrolled in a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship
  • have improved transition from school to work
  • develop essential employability skills
  • learn with greater flexibility and relevance
  • participate in online learning in a technology-rich environment
  • be supported by mentors who provide valuable advice to students, and are vital contacts for parents and employers
  • learn in a young adult environment (Senior High School)

There are a few ways to stay up-to-date with assessments and be informed of any changes.

Loyola Senior High School and Catholic Trade Training Centre is a Jesuit partner school, which means we strive to support students in all aspects of their study – be it academic, workplace, sporting or cultural pursuits. Loyola is about helping young people achieve their goals and secure a positive future.

A Loyola Tutor Group Program has been established to cater for the pastoral care of students. At Loyola, pastoral care means the involvement of a teacher in the overall growth of the student - understanding the student as a person and being a supporter/friend/advocate of their growth to adulthood.

Tutors are committed to frequent contact with students, and to understanding their academic progress, co-curricular interests, personal stages of development, and familiarity with their parental and family backgrounds.

Generally the tutors work closely with the House Co-ordinators, the School Counsellor, the Careers Adviser, the Assistant Principals, and Principal.

For further information, read our policies.

Our trainers and Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) are listed below:

Motor Traders Association (MTA)
Brick & Block McCarthy CTTC delivery
Loyola Trade Trainer
Early Childhood Education and Care
Loyola Trade Trainer
Loyola Trade Trainer
Engineering (Metal Fabrication)
McCarthy CTTC delivery
Hairdressing Impact Training Institute
Hospitality (Commercial Cookery)
Loyola Trade Trainer
Mount Druitt TAFE
Shopfitting Loyola Trade Trainer




A Workplace of Learning


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Loyola CTTC has a number of policies that provide the framework within which we operate.

Catholic Education, Diocese of Parramatta also provides advice and recommendations on educational and administrative priorities, and monitors policy implementation.


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